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  • A person should try to be a better person over time.

  • Act how you wish others would.

  • Be considerate of others while acknowledging that no one values things the exact same way as someone else.

  • Set ideals and move towards them while you figure out how to get closer.

    • Adjust your ideals as you see them more clearly.

  • If being something is important to your identity, you need to actively do it, and if you do it well you will generally get better at it over time.  (If you stop actively doing the thing then you were that thing, which is often still important.)

    • friend

    • parent

    • hobbyist

    • vocation

  • As individuals we exist because of, persist due to, and are influenced by forces outside of our control.

    • This creates a blurry border around our sense of self.

    • The topography of our mindscape is constantly being shaped by the universe in ways that we perceive and ways we will forever be unaware of.

  • Reflection is the best tool we have for changing how we progress.

    • Examining your thought process and worldview helps you improve them.

    • The past is the only data we have so far.

  • There are innumerable reasons to do any given thing and aligning them builds momentum.

    • It is always helpful to reflect on the different facets of ourselves, especially when they are at odds with each other.

    • Dwelling on the motivations we have to take different courses of action is helpful for better knowing ourselves.

    • Understanding our different interests allows us to better align enough motivation for positive change.

      • If you're trying to eat better and decide to drink a peanut butter milkshake, enjoy it, but be honest with yourself about its effect on your diet.

      • While it can be unhealthy to dwell in vanity, if you're trying to exercise more it can be an additional motivation.

  • Any given thing has inexhaustible ways to describe and experience it.

    • We perceive everything by its position relative to a pair of opposites, and often overlook details in order to decide if it's one of two things.

    • History has shown us that the universe is invariably more nuanced and exotic than we realize.

    • Rigid rulesets will not fit the topography of the future.

    • Every discovery prompts questions.  Every invention creates room for improvement.  Religions should continually progress in order to better serve their members.

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