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I find these things useful to reflect on.


  • Our perceptions and assumptions create a model of the world, and that's where we live.

    • Everything is exactly as it seems until you see that it isn't.

    • You exist in direct relation to innumerable versions of you that you're not.

  • It is as important to be patient with yourself as it is to require progress.

  • Our experience of free will is limited by our ability to think of options.

    • For much of our lives we are more or less on autopilot.

  • There is no reason to think physicalism is false.


  • We are just human shaped animals.

  • We are not the best animal at most things that animals do.

    • It's impressive that some animals can see more colors than we do, but there are so many things happening all around us that we have no sensors with which to perceive.

  • There are rival tribes of chimpanzees in a technological arms race that pass down crafting techniques to their children:

Artificial Intelligence

  • A general AI could identify its own points of failure before we do and hedge against them in ways we might not be able to imagine.

  • Data is forever so we can assume that we are preemptively interacting with any general AI that comes into existence.

  • I hope propaganda isn't used to justify further militarization of artificial intelligence.

    • Pointing at something inscrutable and using it to justify doing something inscrutable seems like folly.

  • More than one well funded group is using AI in an attempt to manipulate the economy.

    • While it serves many purposes, an economy is probably the best tool that exists for manipulating people.

Political Science

  • Innumerable interested parties attempt to hold the reigns of what you value.

    • Controlling the things you find valuable controls you.

    • Controlling which things you consider to be valuable controls you.

  • Left untethered, capitalism continually isolates more people from owning capital.

    • This is why we need antitrust.

  • A lot of science fiction overlooks capitalism’s distaste for infrastructure.

  • Pretense is pretentious and should be dropped whenever reasonable.

    • Many rules are just something someone made up.

    • Reflect on what rules are useful.

      • There are lots of reasons to follow arbitrary rules, but interact with them accordingly.



  • The only constant is change.
    • Though it may seem imperceptible, a thing generally gets better or worse over time.
  • Act decisively during crisis.

    • Figure out how to do better in the next crisis.

  • Consider your relationship to the universe at as many different scales as you can make sense of.

  • Fascination can hold back entropy at the cost of time.

  • Intuition does not distinguish between correlation and causation.

  • Know yourself as well as you can.

  • Enough is as good as a feast.

  • The truth shall set you free.

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