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~Under Construction~

I've crafted these things to explore and iterate.

Their motifs are meant to be evocative and enigmatic.

Entities of parable and myth, they can be cast in any role that suits them.

Facts may refute these things, but I like to pretend they are true.


  • Pastora

    • Was an ancient sage and is the only saint of my toy religion.

    • If a god exists that can hear our voices then surely they have heard hers.

    • I emulate her in many ways though I know I will likely fall short.

    • Pastora's voice sounds like a choir reverberating off cathedral walls.

  • Ignatius

    • Was Pastora's oldest friend.

      • They did not agree on most things, but would do anything to help the other on their journey.

    • Ignatius's voice sounds like a hundred rustling wet chains.

  • Marzel

    • Was the first serious scholar of Pastora.

    • His wisdom is undeniable, but I think he was wrong about some important stuff.

    • I named my toy religion after him in part because I am trying to be better about taking inspiration from people I differ with.

      • I think he would have liked that.


Sage Prayer

A sage moves calmly,

dwells in the eye of the storm,

watches as it turns.

Lens Prayer

Lenses bend the light,

focusing, clarifying,

directing its path.

Universe Prayer

Feeling connected,

reaching to the universe,

letting it flow through.


Exquisite Havoc

I've thought of no better term to describe the state of affairs we find ourselves in.  The universe is an intricately interwoven pattern of indifferent primal forces collapsing into entropy.

If you'd like to explore our place in it then you will always be welcome in the Church of Exquisite Havoc.  Members are encouraged to assemble a toy religion.

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