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~Under Construction~


This project is designed to be a catalyst for positivity and it’s built for infinite collaboration.

Meant to provide a versatile scaffold to help reflect on personal ideology, my largest goal is to present making your own “toy religion” as a way to have sacredness emerge from secular components.

I plan on updating all of it indefinitely, but in particular I would like to expand the Iconography and Lore sections through my individual work as well as collaborations.

I would also like to create a meaningful data set of toy religions to train large language models, like Chat GPT, Pi, or Bard.  To put this endeavor in the loftiest of terms it could help machines build a sense of the sacred.

Training a large language model typically involves a vast amount of data and to have enough toy religions for this idea to become realistic I would like a huge number of people to participate.  I would love to collaborate on a series of creative prompts and games that encourage people to craft a toy religion.

I think it’s generally worthwhile for an individual to contemplate their personal ideology, and I want to explore what shapes that can take.  I think more people would benefit from doing that if they had tools that made it fun and easy.


Thank you for reaching out :)

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