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On the Black Tarot

A stained glass window can compel you to think about the story it tells.  The Black Tarot is evocative in a similar way.

A tarot card can be viewed as a scene from a mythic story, playing out the dance of a pantheon.  Reading from a book of tarot reveals part of the ongoing saga. The wisdom in it comes from deriving the moral of the story.

While not exhaustive, the traditional minor arcana are generally regarded to represent these categories:

Wands: fire, energy
Pentacles: earth, materiality
Swords: air, intellect
Cups: water, emotion 

Likewise, the following relationships can be helpful when reflecting on the Black Tarot:
Spheres: fire, logic, energy, origin
They are the energy underling the universe, just a point and a radius, the simplest objects that can be defined.
Snakes: earth, ethics, materiality, nature
They are the natural material world, including the wisdom of life.
Keys: air, epistemology, intellect, tools
They are the methods and tools the life of our universe uses to shape it, and are manifestations of intellect.
Stars: water, metaphysics, emotion, congruity
They are the shimmering water of the night sky and the the spiritual congruity that links the universe.




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